Postpartum Support

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The arrival of a baby causes a shift in the family dynamic. Parents are left searching for their new normal. Grandparents look for ways to be helpful.  Siblings may act sweet one moment and aggressive the next. In can be a time of chaos and exhaustion and also pure joy and excitement. Postpartum doulas help everyone navigate their new roles and reduce family stress.

As a postpartum doula, part of my role is helping you get in touch with your own intuition when it comes to caring for your new baby and yourself. Just as I help you trust and listen to your body in birth, I do the same in postpartum.

My goal within the home as your postpartum doula will be that I eventually become unnecessary because your family has bonded and shifted into your new roles. I want to leave you feeling confident and calm.

Postpartum, doula, baby nurse, south florida, Broward County, Weston, Sunrise, DavieExamples of Care:

Light housekeeping: Examples dusting, sweeping, picking up toys, doing laundry in your home, washing dishes.

Simple Meals: Making you a snack, or prepping dinner for you or your children with ingredients you have planned out and have in your home. I am happy to make a trip to the grocery store or I can come along with you and baby to the store.

Infant care: My role is to assist and support by lightening your load so that you can spend your time bonding with your baby.   I am not a baby nurse or nanny but I will be more than happy to change a diaper or tend to your baby while you take a nap.

Emotional Support: I will be there to listen without bias or judgment as you process your birth, new role in parenthood, and the ups and downs that come with the postpartum period. Postpartum doulas are not a substitute for a doctor and cannot diagnose, however, I am very familiar with the postpartum mood spectrum and can assist finding resources and recognizing what may be out of the realm of “baby blues.”

Breastfeeding Support: Assistance with navigating breastfeeding and supporting you and your baby as you learn together. If you are in need of additional support I can refer you to a lactation consultant.

Intuitive Healing: All postpartum packages come with the option of Intuitive Healing sessions incorporated into your postpartum visits.

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What Packages Do You Offer?

Currently, I only offer Postpartum Packages to my Birth Doula clients. I do offer in-home postpartum Intuitive Healing Sessions to those who are not my Birth Doula clients.

If you are not a birth doula client and would like postpartum care I have a network of postpartum doulas that I am happy to refer you to.

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