Birth Doula Packages

We begin by preparing you for birth and continue to support you being home with your newborn. To see what our support looks like and learn more about doula care for labor please click here.

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Maple Banyan
Birth Preparation Session
(Extended Prenatal Visit)
Birth Preparation Session
(Extended Prenatal Visit)
1 additional Prenatal Visit
2 Additional Prenatal Visits
Unlimited Talk & Text supportUnlimited Talk & Text support
Continuous Birth Support Continuous Birth Support
24/7 on call begins at 38 weeks24/7 on call begins at 38 weeks
Optional aromatherapy, reiki, & craniosacral in labor.Optional aromatherapy, reiki, & craniosacral in labor.
2 Postpartum Visits 2 Postpartum Visits
Access to Lending Library4 Intuitive Healing sessions
Herbal Sitz Bath
Access to Lending Library
Closing of the Bones (Mayan Postpartum Ceremony)

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