Intuitive Healing

reiki, energy work, bodywork, craniosacral, weston, pregnancy

Relax and unwind with a blend of CranioSacral Therapy and Reiki. I help to facilitate the flow of energy through the body with the goal of restoring balance, vibrancy, and health. Enjoy the benefits of connecting with your body, mind, and spirit. This gentle treatment is open to women of all stages of life.


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Labor support is taken to the next level with the option of aromatherapy for your birth plan. As your labor progresses aromas are shifted to meet where you are in your birth process. Matching the energy of early labor, helping you ground during the transition phase, and easing your postpartum healing. I use essential oils …

Postpartum Healing

closing of the bones, milk bath, herbal bath, postpartum, postpartum depression, doula, rebozo

This traditional Mayan postpartum healing ceremony, which was created to nurture the parent after their passage through giving birth, and the journey into parenthood. It is a celebration, a setting of sacred space, and a way to nurture. “Closing of the bones” is a traditional ceremony, commonly performed in Mexican midwifery. The way it unfolds can vary depending on the …

Sibling Preparation

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Preparing for a new sibling can bring a range of emotions to a child. A range of support options are available to make this transition as smooth as possible. Including siblings in our prenatal meetings or scheduling a special meeting just for them. Parent/Child sibling classes are held occasionally in a group setting complete with …

Birth Preparation Sessions

birth plan, doula, pregnancy, Broward, Weston

Get to know your options for labor and learn useful comfort measures. Your session will provide you with professional unbiased childbirth education as you work towards creating a birth plan, for the hospital, home, or birth center.

Rebozo Sessions

rebozo, doula, closing of the bones, breech, pregnancy, postpartum

This technique uses a traditional Mexican rebozo. This ancient practice has helped pregnancy, birth, and postpartum for generations.  Providing support and relaxation to ligaments, improving comfort in the pregnant person.  This encourages optimal positions for the baby and can be ideal as preventative care to avoid back labor. Rebozo sessions can encourage a transverse or breech baby into …