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I specialize in helping women who feel overwhelmed with stress, exhaustion, and anxiety. Through our work together they become invigorated and they’re able to peacefully support themselves and their families.

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Client Testimonials

  • Autism, ASD, autism mom, caregivers fatigue, Weston

    Kristin H.

    “Heathir has worked to relieve symptoms from a head and back injury and migraines. She made me very comfortable and relaxed explaining everything she was going to do. As she was working she would check in to make sure I was comfortable. Afterward, she explained what she felt and how she was able to change the flow of things back to a more natural rhythm.  Overall she is very friendly and professional and passionate about what she is doing. Definitely someone I would trust to work with again.”

  • stress, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, relaxation, weston

    Ashley R.

    “I did my first intuitive healing session ever with Heathir and she did a beautiful job educating, explaining and making me feel comfortable. Her presence is so warm and calming. It is obvious that Heathir is passionate about caring for each individual she works with!”

  • doula, birth, Broward, Weston, midwife, natural birth, postpartum, doula

    Danielle K.

    “Heathir was our doula for the birth of our second child (I wish that we’d gone with our instincts and hired a doula for our first pregnancy, too… but live and learn!). I can’t say enough good things about working with her. For every question I had at every stage in the process, she was quick to provide support, guidance, and resources. On the day I went into labor, she kicked into gear so fast – it was such a relief when she arrived at my house. We especially appreciated how attentive she was to our whole family. My husband had a much better experience assisting this birth than our first, when he and I were both completely overwhelmed and stressed. I’d absolutely hire Heathir again if we ever had a third baby.”

  • pregnant, doula, broward, weston, postpartum, labor coach, natural birth

    Jasmine L.

    “Heathir was the perfect doula fit for our family. She was extremely caring, supportive, and knowledgeable. She helped instill in me the confidence I needed before and during birth. She came with many tools to help me during the uncomfortable times in my pregnancy and helped me write and follow a birthing plan. My husband and I will be forever grateful to Heathir for helping us to deliver a big, healthy baby boy! I rate her 11 out of 10 stars!”

  • baby, pregnant, doula, childbirth, cesarean, vbac, broward, weston

    Tara J.

    “Heathir was very helpful leading up to the birth of our baby. She provided knowledgeable advice and helped me prepare for discussions that I had with my doctor. I ended up having a planned c-section, but Heathir still came to the hospital for support. She was very reliable and it was a positive experience having her as our doula.”

  • doula, birth, postpartum, ft lauderdale, weston, Broward, Pregnant

    Veronica T.

    “Heathir was my doula for my two youngest’s births. Her gentle nature and calming approach helped me and my husband through my labor and deliveries. I wouldn’t go through labor without a doula. Heathir has also used Craniosacral therapy to help alleviate my headaches and muscle spasms. I highly recommend her craniosacral therapy.”

  • birth, doula, weston, florida, childbirth, homebirth,

    Kianna O.

    “As we waded into childbirth for the first time, we couldn’t have done without Heathir. She was the calm, experienced helper I needed to go through my long [and hard] labor successfully. Heathir stayed with us hour upon hour and kept us going. My husband and I were much more calm and felt much more capable during the birth of our little girl naturally and in the hospital. We look back at the experience now in amazement and say ‘how on earth would we have done that without Heathir’s help?!’”

  • birth, doula, postpartum, childbirth, home birth, Weston, Broward, Florida

    Emily R.

    “Heathir Brown was my doula for the birth of my first child in 2012. She was wonderfully supportive and helped both my partner and I prepare for childbirth with helpful coaching and information. She helped us create a birth plan and communicate our expectations and hopes for the experience of childbirth. When I went into labor, Heathir was attentive and a source of comfort and strength during the long hours leading up to the delivery. She helped me to have the wonderful, positive experience that I had hoped for. Heathir was amazing to work with and I highly recommend her as a doula for anyone seeking a supportive advocate for the experience of giving birth.”

  • doula, broward, weston, birth, postpartum

    Jessica N.

    “ It was extremely important for us to have a supportive doula that was easy going and knowledgeable. Heather fit the bill! Her pre-delivery visits helped to alleviate some fears and she was a ROCK during a long hospital stay. She has wonderful intuition as to when to jump into action and when to hang in the background which we really appreciated. I would highly recommend Heathir to anyone looking for a doula!”

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