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Meet Heathir Brown

My journey began as a Certified Doula with Birth Arts International. As my story continued, in my personal life events lead me down a road to discovering my gifts and developing my skills as a healer. 

My training in Craniosacral Therapy with The Upledger Institute and my training to become a Reiki Master have blended beautifully with my passion and care for working with moms and their families and also expanded into working with women of all life stages. 


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 I understand how it feels to be a deeply caring person in a very messy world. 

As a mother of high-needs children, I gave them all my energy while putting myself on the sidelines for years. I managed to come through the original postpartum anxiety and depression. Yet as my kids got older and challenges with autism and ADHD appeared, the anxiety came flooding back. 

I was being “Super Mom” and ignoring the stress and exhaustion. Can you relate?

My saving grace was all the healing techniques I was learning to help my kids. 

As I saw what got to happen for them when their nervous system relaxed, I learned how to use those same tools to heal myself and others. 

Now I’m passionate about helping women just like you overcome your anxiety and overwhelm — so you can embrace the peace and purpose that is buried deep within you. 

I meet you right where you are in life, whether that is beginning a fertility journey, preparing for childbirth, a newly diagnosed child, a job change, a move, an empty nest, or simply exhaustion from the hustle of life.

I wrap you in care that is as unique as you and provide holistic support for your journey.

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 Training and Education

  • Birth Arts International – Certified Doula and Trainer
  • Reiki Master- Certified Usui Reiki Master
  • CranioSacral Therapy 1 & 2– Upledger Institute
  • SomotoEmotional Release – Upledger Institute
  • Spinning Babies Workshop -Gail Tully
  • WellMama Volunteer Training (Perinatal Mood Disorders)
  • Perinatal Mental Health Summit – (Wendy Davis Ph.D., PSI, &  Nicole Cirino MD, OHSU)
  • Queer Birth Project LGBTQ Positive Birth & Postpartum Doula Training
  • Cultural Competency Training- Shafia Monroe Consulting
  • Inducing Lactation – Hope Lien (Jumpstart to Breastfeeding in Adoption, Surrogacy and Foster Care.)
  •  Group and Individual Crisis Intervention – UMBC
  • Midwifery Today Conference 2017 (Carol Gray, Elizabeth Davis, Penny Simpkin, etc)
  • Midwifery Today Conference 2013 (Michel Odent, Carol Gautchi, Sister MorningStar, Gail Hart, etc)
  • Midwifery Today Conference 2009 (Vicki Penwell, Elizabeth Davis, Angelina Martinez Miranda, etc)


  • Maui Mama, Issue 44, September – October Issue 2016 Five Ways Doulas Improve Birth.
  • Midwifery Today, Issue 107, Autumn 2013 The Mythical Expiration Date.
  • Midwifery Today, Issue 104, Winter 2012 Supporting Empowered Births.

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