Supporting Your Unique Path

You Deserve Support On Your Journey

I provide unique support for the path that you are on.  This starts by meeting you where you are at, and usually, this is by helping you re-connect with the intuition that you hold, embracing where you are at this moment, and preparing for a transformation.

SACRED SPACE- Recognizing that this is a journey of mind, body, and spirit. Acknowledging that you must choose the path that is right for you. The only agenda that I hold is that you feel supported, calm, and informed as you navigate the choices that surround you. I hold space for your unique energy and the possibilities that lay within you while helping you connect.

SHERPA- Life is full of mountains and when the journey of life brings with it anxiety and stress   I have climbed this mountain myself and lead my clients through it many times. I carry with me a beautiful map of healing and wholeness.

HOLISTIC CARE- I love sharing gentle methods that nourish and support you. As an integrative practitioner, my proven blend of tools has the possibility to bring you healing, inner-trust and deep transformation.

FREE HEART-CENTERED ILLUMINATION SESSION- I would love to spend some time with you so we can get to know each other a little and discover what steps might help you transform your life into peace and joy again.


You can easily schedule your free breakthrough session with no strings attached.  At the end of our time together, I will share any resources that I feel would be helpful to you on your journey, even if they aren’t with me.  I want you to find support in the way that is best for you.