Pathway to Peace

Do you find yourself feeling stressed out, anxious, and overwhelmed nearly every day?

From the outside maybe you look like you’re thriving.

Yet internally the relentless tension and chaos are leading you into worry and fear — and leaving you feeling exhausted.

And maybe the stress is showing up as frequent headaches. Or neck and shoulder pain that comes on when you take on the burdens of everyone else.

Perhaps even simple decisions, like what to eat for dinner, feels too difficult.

Are you ready to melt away all that tension and unwelcomed stress?

You deserve so much more than just getting through life. And I promise you, there is a way out.

I specialize in helping women just like you connect deeply to the peace and joy that can hold you steady throughout the chaos of life — when you know how to tap into it

Through a blend of proven bodywork techniques, mindfulness experiences and compassionate care, we’ll journey together on a path of transformation.

Imagine how energized you’re going to feel when you can spend time with your loved ones without the static of worry in the back of your head.

I can already envision the calmer, grounded, and easy-going presence of YOUR spirit as you stand on the other side of this program.

I cannot wait to embark on this journey with you to find her!