Ease Into Motherhood

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Ease Into Motherhood Program

I created this program after over a decade of experience working with expecting families of all kinds. I found that no matter if it was the first baby or the 4th, my clients benefitted greatly from my holistic support style.

Through a blend of proven bodywork techniques, mindfulness experiences, and compassionate care, we’ll journey together on a path of transformation as you prepare for the birth of your baby. I am here to support your transitional time and help you prepare for birth and parenthood. I want to unburden you of your fears and connect you with the instincts and inner strength that you already possess, so you can birth with ease.

“As we waded into childbirth for the first time, we couldn’t have done without Heathir. She was the calm, experienced helper I needed to go through my long [and hard] labor successfully. Heathir stayed with us hour upon hour and kept us going. My husband and I were much more calm and felt much more capable during the birth of our little girl naturally and in the hospital. We look back at the experience now in amazement and say ‘how on earth would we have done that without Heathir’s help?!’” – Kianna O.

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  • Follows my exclusive four-step protocol
  • Nurturing treatments balance your body and calm your nervous system
  • Letting go of fear and past trauma
  • Connecting deeper with your intuition
  • Creating a unique and supportive postpartum plan
  • Gentle energy work for you and your baby after the birth
  • Guided Pregnancy Journal
  • Easy online scheduling, plus reminder emails or texts
  • Priority email support for the duration of your care

“It was extremely important for us to have a supportive doula that was easy going and knowledgeable. Heather fit the bill! Her pre-delivery visits helped to alleviate some fears and she was a ROCK during a long hospital stay. She has wonderful intuition as to when to jump into action and when to hang in the background which we really appreciated. I would highly recommend Heathir to anyone looking for a doula!” Jessica N.

reiki, energy work, bodywork, craniosacral, weston, pregnancyCraniosacral Therapy enhanced with Reiki  Enjoy the benefits of connecting with your body, mind, and spirit during pregnancy. Receiving treatments during your pregnancy has been shown to improve, balance emotions, reduce nausea, decrease fear, shorten labor, and more.

This is included with Ease Into Motherhood program, Single Sessions are also available.


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Gentle Support I use a blend of gentle, proven techniques that provide support and relaxation to your ligaments increasing your comfort and encouraging your baby to find an optimal position for birth. This can be ideal as preventative care to avoid back labor, breech, or transverse presentations.


If you would like to work with me, the next step is to contact me below for a free consultation.

On-call labor doula support and holistic childbirth education are available as an add-on to this program. I work with a very limited amount of clients each month in the West Los Angeles area or Virtually.  

Learn more about Doula support and childbirth education here

“She was wonderfully supportive and helped both my partner and I prepare for childbirth with helpful coaching and information. She helped us create a birth plan and communicate our expectations and hopes for the experience of childbirth. When I went into labor, Heathir was attentive and a source of comfort and strength during the long hours leading up to the delivery. She helped me to have the wonderful, positive experience that I had hoped for. Heathir was amazing to work with and I highly recommend her as a doula for anyone seeking a supportive advocate for the experience of giving birth.” -Emily R