Private Programs

Sometimes a single session can be a quick fix to feeling better.  For those long-held patterns and pain, or huge life transitions (like creating a new life, or birthing a baby,) we often need something that goes deeper, and really wraps us in support to match the level of intensity we are facing.

This is why I created these programs. I saw the difference in my clients who came in regularly compared to those who just occasionally “dropped in.” We were able to work on a whole different level!

Each program follows my exclusive 4 step protocol to provide transformational support for you.  It is so much more than a package of sessions!

Programs are offered by invitation only and on a limited basis. If you are interested in one of the programs below, please contact me. I will give you my professional recommendation for your next steps, even if they aren’t with me.


Pathway To Peace Program  This program was created as a gentle, yet transformative way to help my clients break through the stress and anxiety that plagues them, so they can begin living a more peaceful and joy-filled life.  While it was created with busy moms in mind, it is appropriate for women of any life stage, mothers or not.

Ease Into Motherhood Program  Support for the transitional time of pregnancy and early postpartum.  I want to unburden you of your fears and connect you with the instincts and inner strength that you already possess, so you can birth with ease and bond with your newborn baby.

Fertility Support Program  Adding holistic care to your fertility journey is nourishing and supportive and can help return your body to its natural balance. Our time together is customized to your unique path and can be stand-alone or complementary to that of your Doctor or Midwife.  Whether you are planning natural conception, or ART (Assisted reproductive technology) treatments such as IVF, IUI, or other options I am here to bring balance and compassionate care that you deserve.

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