Santa Monica Beach Healing Sessions

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alternative healing, santa monica, venice, malibu, reiki, craniosacralEnjoy a relaxing vacation from the hustle of life. Give your body a chance to heal while you are surrounded by the ocean, the breeze, and the sunshine. This is a truly special opportunity that we have living in Southern California

Soak in the benefits of intuitive healing and the sounds of the ocean waves. As you rest in the sand your worries can release onto the beach and you can breathe in the peacefulness that ocean air brings. All you have to do is show up and I will work with your central nervous system to help return it to a balanced and calm state.


Sessions work with the central nervous system and all the systems connected to it. This can relieve symptoms such as headaches, chronic pain, fatigue, stress, fibromyalgia, anxiety, unexplained infertility and more. Each session is unique as I follow the unique needs of your body. Because of this, individual results may vary. If you have long-standing patterns in your body it may take several sessions to achieve lasting effects. I always collaborate with my clients to find the right treatment plan for them.


Sessions are approximately 1 hour and may be shared with a friend or family member.
You will remain fully clothed laying on a yoga mat or seated in a chair if you prefer.

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