Rediscover Your Inner Spark

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It’s there within you, wrapped deep beneath the layers of history, stress, anxiety, trauma, and pain. This beautiful, joyful, and peaceful spark is still there, maybe you remember it from when you were a little child. As we journey together we will uncover it gently, layer by layer so that you can transform into the truest version of yourself.

When you devote your energy and focus on your family and friends with so much love, it’s easy to begin to ignore yourself. The very pieces of you that bring you wholeness and invigoration can become neglected and forgotten. 

Those pieces are still there and I cannot wait to help you reconnect with them while being sure to honor the beautiful new pieces that have grown along your way. I will show you how to listen to the subtle whispers of your body so it doesn’t have to scream at you anymore. 

If you are ready to break free of anxiety and reclaim your peace and connect to the woman you truly are then I would love to schedule a free Heart-Centered Illumination Session with you.


I want to get a sense of your story and help you discover the steps to transforming your life into peace and joy. At the end of your Heart-Centered Illumination Session, I will share any resources that I feel would be helpful to you on your journey, even if they aren’t with me.