Stress Reduction for Moms

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Hey there Mom,

Move out of the carpool lane and into relaxation and alignment.
I see you busy in the hustle of #momlife. Managing the non-stop requests for your time and attention. Soccer practice, dance team, grocery shopping, laundry, the list never ends!

I know that it’s hard for you to slow down with so many people relying on you. However, when you take just a few moments to recharge yourself you become so much more yourself and your children can feel that. They benefit, your spouse benefits, and you have what you need to go back into life floating rather than a frantically paddling.

My clients have shared that they experience more energy, relaxation, mental clarity, and way less stress after a session and the results can last for days or more. I also give you easy to implement tips to take home and work into your week so that you can continue to nourish yourself between sessions.

The goal is to calm your nervous system, allowing your adrenal glands to take a break. As you can feel the calm within, your body’s self-healing mechanisms finally begin to work like they were meant to.

Life is busy but it doesn’t have to be so stressful.

If you would like to work with me, the next step is to contact me below for a free consultation.